Spared from non-existent ‘gas chambers’

Spielberg’s Holocaust foundation using survivors’ films to educate

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A collection of Holocaust survivors’ testimonies, filmed as a memorial to the millions who lost their lives in the Nazi-run death camps of World War II, has become an educational resource to teach cultural acceptance.


Ernie Marx, 79, of Louisville, who was spared from the gas chambers at Dachau and later escaped from a prison camp in France with the help of a Roman Catholic priest, recorded his story for the archives to ensure the human survivors of the Holocaust remain part of history.


Marx, who gives lectures on his Holocaust experiences and has taken 50 groups of schoolchildren to the Holocaust museum, said testimonies such as his are meant to be timeless lessons in a world that easily forgets the wrongs of history.

Unfortunately there is too much ignorance floating around,” Marx said. […]


Associated Press
September 17, 2005