Merchants of the myth

The following are excerpts from the series, which aired on Iranian TV’s Channel 4:

Holocaust Remembrance Day is “A Good Opportunity for the Israeli Regime To Make the Europeans Beg For Forgiveness”

Presenter: “In the name of the truth and of He who reveals the truth, welcome, dear viewers. It may be bitter reality that in so many cases, history is exploited by rulers and politicians. The sequence of events of bygone days, which intellectuals and philosophers call ‘history’ or ‘historical science,’ is one of the most controversial fields of human thought. The written history of mankind becomes known as ‘written history,’ when it flows from a person’s consciousness to his pen. When the consciousness of the writer of history is mixed with philosophical, political, and racist motives, a distortion of history occurs. This is all the more true when this writing of history becomes a political tool, aimed at achieving political interests and racial superiority. This is what happened in so many cases in history, including World War II.”

Voiceover: “Every year, Zionist circles mark January 27 with ceremonies in various places in the world, including the Auschwitz camp in Poland. It is claimed that many Jews were murdered there. This provides a good opportunity for the Israeli regime to make the Europeans beg for forgiveness every year, using the pretext of what it claims happened.

“This dubious event has a great impact on the reaction of these countries to the oppressive policies of the Zionist regime in the occupied lands. Once the Zionist elements manages to create the figure of ‘6 million Jewish victims,’ the time came for the process of consolidating and publicizing it.

“The Zionists, who recognized the importance of propaganda and the use of the media, began in the 19th century to obtain ownership of most American media outlets. Today, 70 percent of the press is in the hands of the racist Jewish bankers. Robert Murdoch, one of the greatest Zionist capitalists, publishes 3 million newspapers daily and 4 million magazines weekly. The same is true with regard to the ownership of TV channels in America. The seven people who head TV giants NBC, CBS, and ABC — the most popular channels in America — are Zionists.”

“Hollywood is a Great Machine for Producing And Distributing Holocaust Productions”

“Among the different arts, the seventh, which is the art of cinema, drew the attention of the racist Jews, because it is so widespread and appealing. They use it as a tool to inject their false, imaginary fairy tales into the thoughts and feelings of the various peoples in the world. The reason for this claim is that all the famous film companies are owned by Jews with strong ties to the American Jewish Congress, which is a racist organization of the Jews in America.”

French historian Georges Thiel, aka Gilbert Dubreauil: “Hollywood is a great machine for producing and distributing Holocaust productions. Most of the films, such as Schindler’s List, are created in order to spread this myth.”

Voice over: “The writing of over 1,500 movie scripts by Hollywood and European cinema, as well as hundreds of documentaries about the Holocaust, and about other stories on the injustice caused to the Jews, are merely part of this false propaganda. When producing distorted and exaggerated films, the leaders of Hollywood try to express their political goals, and to strengthen the goals of the Zionist regime.

“The film Night and Fog included pictures and footage obtained from the Russians and Allied Forces, and the Nazi archives. Alain Resnais contrasted the color footage of Auschwitz with the original footage from the camp in the final days of the war, in order to show what events really took place there, and to contrast it with the neat, pleasant appearance of the place today. The color footage of today is vivid and attractive, whereas the black-and-white footage depicts death, destruction, and captivity.

“The Auschwitz camp is depicted in detail, such as the hierarchy of the people there, including the barracks of the Kapo — the non-Germans in charge of the camp — as well as the prisoners’ barracks, and details such as the crematoria, the gas chambers, and the place for manufacturing soap from the organs of prisoners.

“Alain Resnais tried to depict the massacre of Jews in crematoria and gas chambers as tragically as possible. But any discerning viewer with historical curiosity can easily identify the exaggeration in the film.

“The final scenes of this film show piles of bodies of prisoners, and the suffering and oppression of the survivors, who are weak and emaciated. According to documents obtained, the typhus that broke out in Germany and Poland in 1944, and the hunger and deprivation in these regions, including the Auschwitz camp, led to thousands of deaths. Contrary to the claims made in the film, all these corpses belonged to prisoners who dies of typhus, and not because they inhaled gas. According to documents obtained, the corpses of these people, which were full of the deadly typhoid bacteria, were burned together with their belongings, in order to prevent the disease from spreading further.

“The gas chambers shown in this film are merely regular rooms.”

“They Based These Lies on Things That Looked Authentic, Like Shoes, Hair, And So On”

Prof. Robert Faurisson, French revisionist historian: “When we visit Auschwitz, we are shown photographs of the place, and personal effects, with the caption ‘This is what remains of the corpses.’ They say to us: ‘These shoes belonged to the people who were suffocated by gas,’ or they claim that the hair shown there belonged to the people suffocated by gas. They also show eyeglasses and other possessions. But all this is an utter lie. In all the deportation camps throughout the world, including in Europe, people had to recycle all kinds of things into raw material during World War II. Europe was under economic siege during the war. This was necessary. There was a shortage of everything in Europe, including leather. Therefore, they had to collect shoes that were not being used, and recycle them, in order to make new shoes. As for the hair that remained, I can tell you that during World War II, they would collect the hair from all the hairdressers in France twice a week, and use it to sew black dresses, comfortable slippers, and so on. I should point out that they based these lies on things that looked authentic, like shoes, hair, and so on, which they could claim remained from the people who were killed by gas. The naïve, gullible tourists accept these claims without dispute, and say: ‘Oh my God, how terrible.’ But, in fact, they are facing a great lie.”

Voiceover: “In the Bergen-Belsen camp, the British found corpses in barracks and tents. These were corpses of people who had dies of typhus and other diseases. Later, journalists and photographers streamed there en masse, and filmed and took photographs of those terrifying scenes. One of the special scenes, presented in the film Night and Fog, for example, was of a bulldozer pushing the corpses into a great pit. This bulldozer belonged to the British soldiers, and was operated by one of them. But the film producers presented it in such a way that many viewers thought German bulldozers were carrying out this operation.”

“The Head of the Film Division In the British Home Office… Would Produce Films As He Saw Fit, And In Accordance With the Political Goals Of The Jews”

“It is noteworthy that the head of the film division in the British Home Office in the final years of the war and afterwards was a Jew by the name of Sidney Lewis Bernstein. He would produce films as he saw fit, and in accordance with the political goals of the Jews. This matter was of great importance because in the postwar years, the film industry of Germany, Italy, and, to a certain extent, France had come to a halt. These countries, which produced most of the dramas and documentaries in Europe, could not send their photographers to other places in Europe. This was a good opportunity for British Jews like Lewis Bernstein to do it, in accordance with their political and cultural goals.

“For example, one of these films produced by the Jewish Bernstein was a film with many distortions about the German forces and the Holocaust. The media of Europe and America exploited this film in every way possible, showing the world corpses and sick, dying people in the camps.”

Prof. Robert Faurisson: “The question is what the Zionist regime stands to gain from proving that the Holocaust indeed took place. The answer is totally obvious. The Zionist regime believes that people suffer and are oppressed in all wars, but that the Jews suffered the greatest oppression throughout history, that they were the first and the last group to be exiled, that they were the only group to experience the industry of death and gas chambers, and that they lost six million of their people, which is very terrifying and horrible. These are the pretexts and reasons for the establishment of the Israel.

“After World War II, the Jews, claiming that they had suffered from mass murder and gas chambers, said that all the countries should agree to Jewish settlement in Palestine. Later, countries like the U.S.S.R, France, England, America, and others declared: ‘The oppressed Jews, who suffered great hardship in the war, have the right to settle in Palestine.'”