She left out ‘everybody knows’

Question: Why Did The Claim Of ‘6 Millions Jews’ Appear As Early As 1919?

October 29, 2006

This article pictures, quotes from, and explains a publication in 1919 of a Jewish holocaust by the Kaiser’s Germany and in which the same 6 million Jews were said to have been murdered between 1914-1919, during World War One, 28 years before the Nuremberg Trial made that exact same accusation against defeated Nazi Germany. This fantasy was repeated in the Nuremberg Trail and subsequent Military Tribunals and Star Chambers held by the Allied Armies in which there was no defense allowed, only accusations from the military courts.




Quite an interesting question you have there. However, I hope that you are not denying that the holocaust never happened because

  1. That is illegal
  2. You only have to look at the amount of hair that was shaved off the jews’ heads at Auchwitz (Still there to this day at the museum) before you become aware of the sheer scale of the nazis crimes.


Webmaster note: We thought it was the shoes that were the best witness. Wow, this Holocaust stuff is confusing!