Expert: Uncovered Auschwitz plans important

  • Holocaust historian believes original plans for construction of Nazi extermination camp found in Berlin include no new information, but says extensive reports on global media help maintain memory of Shoah in newspaper headlines

There is nothing new in the documents found in Germany, Holocaust historian Prof. Israel Gutman told Ynet on Saturday night following the discovery of the original plans for the construction of the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz.


These things are well known and appear in any serious book which deals with Auschwitz. However, it’s still impressive that certain things are confirmed once again,” he said.


There were all kinds of attempts to claim that people were not murdered in Auschwitz and that the country was under Soviet rule at the time,” he said. “They claimed it was the USSR’s fault, that these things happened inside Poland and that no one can proves these are facts. Today there are no disagreements, perhaps only on the numbers and reasons for the Holocaust.”


Ronen Medzini
Published: 11.09.08, 07:24 / Israel News

Webmaster note: OK, so let’s summarize:

  1. There’s nothing new to see here. Move along.
  2. It’s important to repeat the same old stuff.
  3. Although for 60 years everyone has acknowledged that Auschwitz was under Nazi control during the Second World War, there are some unnamed persons who claim it was actually under Soviet control (?).
  4. The repetition is important to convince people who reject facts (and may not even exist) that there are no disagreements.

Thus, the “importance” of these neither-new-nor-important documents is their propaganda value. Hmmm.