Antisemitism and Jewish Survival

Is the Holocaust best understood through fiction? That was the theme of a recent revue of Ruth Franklin’s novel, Higher Truth appearing on the Jewish internet journal Tablet. The revue provided a setting for an unlikely week-long exchange between Holocaust denier Michael Santomauro and me. I contacted Michael before submitting this article and he agreed to allow his name to appear but asked, “please reference me as a Holocaust Revisionist -and an amateur one at that.” A degree of humility that likely allowed for our extended discussion.

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Xbox Live Enforcement: ‘Of course you can’t use a swastika as your logo.’

In his role as head of Xbox Live enforcement, Stephen Toulouse gets to answer all kinds of strange questions.

Recently one of those questions was apparently “Can I use a Swastika as my logo in Call of Duty: Black Ops?” When Toulouse responded with the obvious answer (“No, of course you can’t, we’ll ban you.”) he was met with some pushback by people he refers to as “contrarians” and “internet pundits” who decided to educate him on the long and storied history of the swastika as a symbol of good fortune and how just because the Nazis used it, it doesn’t make the symbol itself a bad thing.

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Soros, Beck, and the Holocaust


The truth is simple: every Jew deported from the European ghettos went directly to the camps. Most of them were gassed immediately and then — as the survivors put it — went up the chimneys. There is no denying this, or eliding it, or making it mean anything else other than what it is. Holocaust denial is a crime. Anyone denying the exterminations is engaging in criminal activity — […]

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