Mass cremations at Thereisenstadt

Holocaust Survivor Challenges Students to End Prejudice


Now a resident of Pomona, Gabrielle Silten was arrested by the Nazis in June 1943 along with her parents and grandmother, and transported to a Nazi concentration camp in Westbork, Holland. Silten was 10 years old at the time.


Silten and her family were later transported to Thereisenstadt in the modern-day Czech Republic and assigned barracks that housed 50 people. […]

By the end of 1944, there were not enough adults left and children were sent to work. Silten worked as a message carrier and with the other children in the crematorium.

Silten said the children would stand in lines and hand each other cardboard boxes that contained the ashes of their fellow prisoners. Ashes would spill from holes and the top of the boxes onto the children’s hands and bodies. The ashes were dumped in the local river.



Samantha Bravo
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